Manifest Money

I wish I could tell you that there was a magic wand that you could swing in the air and make money appear. When you read books about Secrets and Manifestation they have you under the impression that you can wish for money and it will magically appear. Well it doesn’t happen that way. But there is a way to communicate with the Universe to make things shift in your direction. You do have to take action but once you figure out how to vibrate on a positive charge, things will definitely come your way! 

Learn to communicate with the Universe! 

Ways 2 make Money

These are some ideas and suggestions and some of the ways that I use to generate extra income. Put some of these ideas into action and believe in your success and see what can happen for you!

Build a Website

Sell Something

Affiliate Marketing

The Work You Put In!

Click on the links to learn the action steps to take to unlock the secrets to the Universe. It’s not as complicated as we would like to think, but you have to have an open mind. Without an open mind you stay in the same position!



The imagination is a beautiful thing! As a child an imagination was all you needed to envelop yourself in a day of play. Make believe could take you to destinations unknown to you or have you driving a Ferrari on an open road! Oh to be a kid again with a vivid imagination! Guess what? Imagination is the key to the Universe! If you can imagine it it can be real! As adults we forget to use our imagination because life gets too real. 

Learn how to Imagine again! 

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso

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