If you Believe it the Mind can Achieve it!


As a child we get to laugh, play, imagine and be free. Once we hit adulthood life puts pressures on us and society puts titles and positions on us that tears away every ounce of joy we once experienced as children. If you daydream people think your mindless, if you laugh people ask “what are you so damn happy about”? And if you play they think you’re just downright insane!

But what if I told you that Imagination is the portal to happiness and success! The mind is a powerful thing and the energy it possesses is out of this world! Have you ever thought about a place that you have never been to, but the picture is so clear and vivid that you really believe that you were there? Or have you ever imagined you doing something and you were able to execute it perfectly in your mind so that when you went to do it, you were able to do it the exact way you had envisioned?

Well if not, you don’t know how to use your imagination and that is the key to manifesting the things that you really want out of life! Did you know that the only thing holding you back from doing whatever it is you want to do is your mind? Maybe someone told you you couldn’t do something, or maybe you tried to do something that you didn’t properly plan or train for and you did it wrong, so now your brain is telling you that you can’t do it! Gymnast and athletes execute plays and moves in their heads all day long, so they reach a level of perfection of the move before they ever execute it!  

All my life as a child I envisioned my self in Paris, France. Although I had never been to Paris I could visualize it in my mind. The look of the streets, the smell of the bakeries, the sound of the music. Well my nephew moved to Paris and he was getting married there. I worked so much that planning a trip to Paris was completely out of the question. Two days before his wedding my mind said, ask your employer for the time off and go to Paris! And you know what I did? Just that! I booked a flight, and the Universe was on my side, I got a round trip flight for a great price. My daughter worked in the hotel industry and I got a room for an unheard of price of $50 a night near the Eiffel Tower and I was on my way! It was Wednesday when I decided to go, I took a Flight the following Thursday morning and was in Paris for a wedding on that Friday!

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that on a whim I would end up in Paris, France, but I imagined it so much that it became a reality! And it was exactly as I had imagined it my whole life! I’m not going to perpetrate and pretend like I have tons of money. I just get what I want out of life because I have learned how to imagine what I want and then make it a reality! 

“Logic will get you from A to B, Imagination will take you everywhere”

Albert Einstein

When you read books such as Think and Grow Rich, or The Secret the commonality of the theme is use your mind to achieve what you want out of life! The rich and successful people of this world know how to get what they want out of life! They think about it then execute a plan to get it. Living in Los Angeles you meet people who live in LA that have never been to Hollywood! Or to the beach! Could you imagine living in a city with a whole world surrounding you and you never leave the vicinity of the city you are in! That’s MADNESS!!! People have told me that they have never thought about leaving their area because they feel like it will never happen! Well of course it won’t with that mindset!  

And again I say you are only limited by what goes on in your mind! Imagine what you want. Dream about it, daydream about it see yourself doing it. Make it a part of your thought process. If you want a big house find a picture of the house you want and implant it in your mind. Your brain will program itself to do whatever is necessary for you to get that house. Once you make action steps the Universe will shift things in your direction like you wouldn’t believe.

I’m going to share with you one of my manifestation stories and every bit of it is true. I was in a bad place, I had lost my job and all my bills started to pile up. I was late with my rent but my landlord was working with me. I knew I needed cash and fast. I wrote down all my bills and a number that I needed immediately to get me out of the hole. $6,639.28, whew it was a lot and I needed it immediately. I pulled out my checkbook and I wrote myself a check for that amount, I made it payable to me, and I put the check in my wallet. About a week passed by and I was starting to stress. I woke up on about the 9th day and I checked my bank account to see if a payment I made had cleared, but when I checked my account I just looked at the screen for a minute, then I just started laughing. $6,607.91 had been deposited into my account!

My daughters father hadn’t paid child support for a couple months and I don’t know if it was voluntary or involuntary but I know it was there. The timing was right and the amount was almost exact. After that I continued to write checks to myself and the funny part is, you don’t have to know the how, when, where, or why! You just have to put it out there and imagine yourself with the money and it literally can be deposited right into your bank account!

So to clarify:

  1. The Imagination  is the key to Happiness.
  2. Imagination is the key to the Universe.
  3. Whatever you want imagine it, then make an action plan. 
  4. Write checks to yourself and put it in your wallet or purse.
  5. Execute your moves in your mind.
  6. Act like a kid again and play with your imagination.

Let go of every thought that’s holding you back. If you have negative thoughts or scars from the past, pull them up and write them down. Face your fears head on and don’t let them control your mind. If someone told you something negative about yourself that you find yourself believing, call that person and tell them what they said and how it made you feel and how it has affected your life. 

It is important to rid your mind of all the shackles that hold you down. So many people are walking around damaged and they don’t even know it. You won’t know it until you muster up all those dark feelings you hold inside and start the healing process. 

Get bold and be bold. Write it down, talk about it. Find someone who you trust and someone who will be respectful of your feelings. If you can’t find someone to talk to join our membership program where you can have live one on one chats with our team and we can help offer real solutions. But please don’t do nothing unless nothing is what you want!

“The True sign of Intelligence is not Knowledge but Imagination”

Albert Einstein

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