If you’re waiting for a sign from the Universe, this is it!

Now do something about it!

By Ellena Smith

Communication is the basis of human existence. From the time we enter the world we communicate through our first cries. Babies cry when they’re hungry, when they’re in pain, or even if they’re just bored. Then we learn the language of the people around us.  Spoken words allow us to talk to the people we come in contact with. Communication comes in the form of speech, written words and actions. 

But a language we never learn is how to communicate with the Universe. The Universe is constantly sending us signals. Continually communicating to deaf ears, because we don’t now how to go into our inner conscious and listen to what’s being said to us. Remember on cartoons when the two angels would pop up on someones shoulders. The Good Angel and the Bad Angel. The first one to speak would be the Good Angel telling the character what would be the Good advice. 

Then the Bad Angel would pop up and tell the character all the reasons why he should do Bad. Usually the character would listen to the Good and do the right thing. Your inner conscious is the same concept. When you’re about to do something your mind tells you instantly what decision you should make. But then you second guess yourself and start listening to the other voice. Usually you go right back to your first mind! 

If you learn how to tap into your mind and start really listening to that inner voice it can be your guide. The problem is our minds are so clouded with music, TV, and social media. We never give ourselves the quiet time we need to focus on our thoughts, so we miss out on so much important information from the Universe.

“The Most Important Thing in Communication is Hearing what Isn’t Said”

The best words are the ones unsaid. We can read a persons body language and some people we can see right to their soul.  We learn to hear only what we can see. Every one of us has a Super Power, and for most of us it is hearing that which we cannot see. But we’re taught that the unseen and the unknown equals crazy.

There’s a reason why you’re taught that these things are crazy. Because people who are higher up know that if people started to discover that they could communicate with the Universe it would no longer be their little secret. It’s a stolen knowledge that dates so far back Millions of years ago.

Our ancestors didn’t have technology, they had the sky. The stars to gaze at, the Moon to navigate by and the Sun to Energize them. There is a hidden language in the Stars and we as a generation of people are so involved in our phones and music and TV that we couldn’t even begin to comprehend what it is. 

Learning to connect and communicate with the Universe is so necessary if we wish to know what’s beyond this life. Most people are afraid of death because you never take the time to figure out what’s beyond today. The fear of death holds us in a clutch. We live life in fear of the wrong things. The only fear we should ever have is the fear of displeasing God. And if you don’t believe in God then you should be in fear of leaving this earth without having done your part as a good citizen. Isn’t that the purpose of life?

What is your purpose in life? Is it just to exist? Or do you want to live? If you just go to work, come home pay bills and go to bed, then wake up the next morning just to do it all again, then your just existing. But when you LIVE, you enjoy life! You see the world. You look at the stars, and stare at the moon. It’s a big world that was designed specifically for us to enjoy. But if you don’t know how to communicate with it your missing out!

At night I lay in my bed and close my eyes in a dark room with no TV or music on and I gaze deep into my mind. I can see the blood rush through my eyes and then it turns into space. In that space I ask questions and my mind instantly responds. It gives me direction and it is direct communication with my Creator. My Creator talks directly to me because I know how to listen to Him.

Start taking a break from TV, Social Media and Music. I know it sounds strange, but the clarity you will receive is unmatched. You will start to hear things you’ve never heard, and you will start to see things you have never seen. Do not fear what you encounter, be accepting of the messages and they can change your life! 

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