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The Holy Grail of How To Make Money Online through selling other peoples products!


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My Journey

Affiliate Marketing is the Holy Grail when it comes to learning how to make money online. When I first started out on my journey I knew nothing about affiliate marketing. To be honest I had never heard the term until I learned of blogging. But what I found was the people who know it hold the information like the key to the Vatican. And they charge Thousands upon Thousands of Dollars to teach it to those who are desperate for their knowledge and wisdom. 

Now don’t get me wrong, the information is worth it’s weight, but my problem was I wanted to learn but I didn’t have Thousands of Dollars to pay. So I had to go old school and learn the old fashion way. Research Research Research!!! I Googled terminology and techniques the how when where and why. I spent a decade learning Affiliate Marketing. I had no choice but to dish out money along the way, but I spent Hundreds, not Thousands and learned what the secrets were.

Education is not free and anything worth something has a price to it so again I understand why the gurus charge so much to teach it. With what you learn in Affiliate Marketing you can literally make MILLIONS of Dollars with it! Yes that’s right I said MILLIONS!!!

So with that being said I will give as much Free information as I can, but to really learn how to make more money than you can imagine right from the comfort of your own home with just you and your computer, I have created a members area where I will teach you what I have learned. I am still on my own journey, but I was able to receive top notch education from one of the best in the field of Affiliate Marketing. 

Now understand, the people I learned from DO NOT want this information given away. As a matter of fact I have to reconstruct what I’ve learned and put it into my own format making sure not to emulate any of the teachings that were given to me to avoid any type of legal conflict! But I’m such a realist and I feel that anyone who is willing to learn should be given the opportunity so we can all advance and everyone can eat. I was told by my mentor that not everyone was intended to be a Millionaire, and I believe that because some people have no drive! But for the hungry! I want to be there to feed! 

If you’re able to take the Free information I give and learn from there, Good Luck I wish you much success. But if you feel you need a little help and encouragement please join our Membership area to learn THE SECRETS of Affiliate Marketing!


See You At The TOP!

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Affiliate Marketing
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Get Started Making Money Online


So the idea of Affiliate Marketing is to sell products for other people. Usually the products are digital products through marketplaces such as Clickbank, JVZoo and Warrior+Plus. You get an Affiliate Link that contains a special code with an ID specifically for you to get paid. But what most Affiliate Marketers are doing wrong is, they just throw the link out on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Craigslist, just trying to get someone to click on the link. That’s a bad idea. It looks like Spam and it’s frowned upon on most sites.










So What Are You Waiting For?

Easy Steps to building a Website

Online Platforms to Sell your Stuff

Quick Steps to Building a Website

It’s easier than you think to build a website. I’m going to lay out the basics.

First thing you need to do is pick a Host and a Domain. I put a link to SiteGround and Namecheap above. SiteGround is your go to if you want to build a site that needs more storage and speed, such as an Ecommerce site or a social media site. Namecheap is as the name says, it’s cheap and it’s a good product. Works good for Blog sites and personal page sites.

After you set up your Host and Domain, WordPress is the best platform for newbies to build a website. Click link above. It’s a drag and drop system with tons of plugins that create a user friendly environment for even the most novice user. When you first get into WP the first thing you need to do is change a few settings. On the left sidebar scroll down to Settings and click on General. In there you can change the name of your website and you can change the Tagline. The Tagline is what people will see on your links. Just give a short title describing your site. Also on the WP address and Site address make sure you add an S after the http to activate your SSL certificate to secure your site. Also in settings go to Permalinks and click on Post Name. Be sure to SAVE as you go! This is all the important settings that you will need to apply.

Next click on Appearance and then Themes. At the top of the page click on Upload Theme and type in Oceanwp. This theme is the best free theme out there. Very user friendly and it looks great. Click Install then Activate. After installing it you’ll need a few Plugins so on the left bar go to Plugins and click Add New. You’ll want to search for Ocean Extra, Ocean Social Sharing and Ocean Product Sharing depending on what you plan to do with your site. Install and Activate.

Next you want a page builder and by far Elementor is the best I have used! Simple drag and drop. Again I have a link above for you to click on. You will get a download and a zip file. After you download go to Plugins and Add Plugin. Now rather than search click Upload Plugin, Choose File find your zip file in downloads on your computer, click Install Now and upload the zip file, then Activate. You will need a few Plugins so search Live Mesh for Elementor, Premium Addons for Elementor and Essential Addons for Elementor. All of these Plugins add more functionality to Elementor to help you create a professional looking website.

A few other Plugins you want to add is Mailchimp for WP and Yoast SEO. Now if your making a Blog site the first thing you want to do is add a Home Page. So go to Pages, Add New, give your page a title, scroll down to your Oceanwp settings, change Content Layout to 100% Full Width. Disable Margins, Titles and Breadcrumbs. Then click on Edit with Elementor. The beauty of Elementor is it has pre-made pages already set up for you. You’ll see a box with a Star a Plus and a Folder. The Star is Premium elements, the Plus is to add sections and the Folder is made for you pages. Choose from Home pages, Landing Pages, Contact pages, About pages! It’s so great! Pick a page edit it and there you go!

To make a Blog Post go to Post, Add New and use the Gutenberg editor to create your page. Gutenberg works with Blocks so you can use Classic editor which is similar to Word, you can add Titles Images and Videos.

Now there are several types of sites you can make. If you want to make an Ecommerce site install WooCommerce, its a Plugin that helps set up your online store. The Plugins I have mentioned are all FREE but all have Pro and Premium versions that do cost but they add more functions to your site. If your building a Membership site Paid Membership Pro  is a good Plugin, but you will need the Pro Version to add Members Area. You can also go to Envato and purchase Ultimate Membership Pro, which is another great Plugin for Member Sites. For Social Media Sites, again go to Envato and purchase Olympus Responsive Community and Social Network WP Theme. This plugin will help you create a site similar to Facebook. 

Now this walk through of course is not comprehensive, there is so much more details and instructions I didn’t go over. This is just to get you started on building your website so the real magic can happen! What’s the real magic? TRAFFIC! Don’t believe the saying “if you build it they will come” Not true. You have to attract people to your site so you can build an audience. So how do you do that? First of all you need to give people a reason to want to come. In the sea of websites, offers, blogs and information what do you do to stand out to make people want to come to your website and check out your content and spend money? GENUINE CONTENT! 

Your blog is the first way you will attract people to you. Your blog has to be genuine and unique and something that people have not read before. As I started reading through different blogs I started to discover that a lot of them contained similar content. But how could that be? There’s so many people out there and why are they all talking about the same thing? You want to stand out. Find a niche, and an audience that  has an interest in that niche. If you are funny, tell funny stories, if you have tragedy, be candid and share your story. Believe me there is someone who has been through what you’ve been through. The beauty is you will connect with your audience and they will start to feel like they know you personally. Then you have to continually give them content. Now you have a following, so what do you do with them?

This is where the real Affiliate Marketing comes in. First thing you want to do to monetize your site is sign up with Google Adsense. You’ll have ads displayed on your site and you make money every time someone clicks on an ad! That simple! Then you want to set up pages on your site dedicated to Clickbank products. Clickbank, JVZoo and Warrior+Plus are all digital marketplaces, where people have products that you can sell for them! It’s simple, you set up and account, get an affiliate link, and then you have access to marketing material that you can put on your site. When you have Traffic coming to your site you can make money by advertising these products. That’s Affiliate Marketing in a nutshell!

This is just enough to get you started, but there is so much more to it. I will go over SEO, Email marketing and Funnels. These are techniques to get TRAFFIC! And start pulling in the real DOUGH!!! So Tune In!

Top Money Making Affiliate Marketers

Tim Sykes $1,000,000+ monthly 

Tim Skyes           

Melyssa Griffin $200K+ monthly

Melyssa Griffin   

Sarah Titus $200K+ monthly  

Sarah Titus’s blog   

Pat Flynn $200K+ monthly

Smart Passive Income 

John Lee Dumas $195K+ monthly



Heather/ Pete Reese $170K+ monthly

It’s A Lovely Life

Jeff Rose $138K+ monthly

Good Financial Cents

Elisa Larson/Emma Chapman $125k+ monthly 

A Beautiful Mess

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner – $100K+monthly  

Making Sense of Cents

Alex Nerney/Lauren McManus $100K+ monthly

This is real income that you can look up for yourself. I’ve listed exclusive Affiliate Marketers but they have other services and products that they sell on their Websites. You can integrate your field to explode in your market!  

Imagine living a life of traveling and living all while making money at the same time. You can spend more time with your loved ones or enjoying life while creating a nice income for yourself! The TRUE work from home opportunity!

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